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Summer Themed Bedroom Decor on a Budget

It’s a great idea to change home decor based on the seasons. It introduces some variety into your living space, and is a good excuse to think up some low-cost decor ideas for each room.

This article will focus on the bedroom, because there’s nothing nicer than waking up to a bright, relaxing and beautiful room in summer.

Before Getting Started

Determine what the budget for your summer revamp will be. It doesn’t have to be a lot of money, and you will find that a few simple changes can transform your bedroom into a summery space without needing to spend hundreds of pounds.

Revamp Your Bedding

Store away the heavy blankets and comforters used in winter, and consider investing in a new set of bedding for your summer themed room. Try to choose neutral designs with flat colours, so as not to distract from your summer decorations around the room.

To Paint or Not to Paint?

Repainting the room is a big job, but the end-result can make a remarkable difference to your bedroom. Perhaps you could paint a brighter or darker colour on the wall behind the bedhead to create a feature wall. With a few summer inspired prints hung at regular intervals, you can create a summer themed room without needing to do much else.

If you don’t want to repaint the entire room, consider painting one or two items of furniture instead. By painting an old chair or dresser in summery colours, you can create a focal point and breathe new life into an old favourite.

Nothing Says Summer Like Flowers

Flowers are a perfect way to add some summery goodness to a room at a small or negligible cost. Fill glass vases with a little water and place some coloured pebbles in the bottom.

If space permits, set up a flower box or two in your yard and replace the flowers in your house each week. Adding some fresh cut flowers from your garden is simple, and you will be surprised at how much it lights up the room.

Bunches of dried flowers tied with pretty ribbon can be placed around the room, and add a nice summer scent as well as looking beautiful. If allergies are an issue, you may be surprised at how realistic modern imitation flowers are these days.

Beach Theme Ideas

Nothing is more linked with summer than a day out at the beach. You can bring a little of the beach atmosphere home with a few budget decor ideas.

Next time you visit the beach, collect a bag of sea shells. A good variety of shapes and sizes is better. Larger shells can be used as containers to hold dried flowers, and smaller ones can be hot-glued to an old coffee tin to create a holder, or attached to a mirror or picture frame to add some aquatic flair.

Decorative Item Ideas

If you are not close to the sea, check out your local flea market for some summer influenced decorative items. You may be lucky enough to find an old ships wheel or anchor for sale.

Driftwood is beautiful, evocative and can be used as an impromptu jewelry stand. A bowl full of coral pieces, shells and pebbles is another fun summer decor piece that can be placed anywhere.

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