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Something Old and Something New for a Beautiful Duvet Decoration

Every room and every corner of our home needs attention, if we want to live in a beautiful, comfortable place.

When it comes to beddings, it’s where our attention is perhaps the most focused. Bedrooms are a place of rest and healing and so our beds and bedding need to reflect that purpose.

There are many ways to decorate a bed, with different kinds of bedspreads: comforters, quilts, simple bed covers, duvets, etc. Duvet covers are especially popular because they are practical, easy to handle and can even be made at home as a fun DIY activity.

What are duvet covers?

Duvet covers are, basically, bed covers that look like large bags made out of sheets. Online stores can give you a very good idea of duvet cover choices out there, colours and patterns, different sizes and different types of duvet comforter filling. Also, they always have affordable offers and allow quick and easy returns. However, when you start looking to buy duvet covers and go through different online and “offline” stores, you’ll be amazed at their price range. You’ll very likely conclude that it is better to make a duvet cover of your own.

How to make a classy bedspread decoration?

As many Youtube and blog tutorials will tell you, making a duvet cover is extremely easy. All you need are some basic sewing skills and a talent for recognizing a good fabric. Now, if you have old bed sheets that you don’t need, you can very well use them to make an interesting duvet cover that combines different patterns.

Since you need to stitch together two sheets, you can make a combination of flowered-patterned and single-coloured sheet, or you can make any interesting combination of patterns you wish, depending on what you can find among your materials that can be used.

As you’ll see in any tutorial, you only need scissors, pins, a sewing machine (or you can sew manually), perhaps some buttons or a Velcro mechanism and the chosen sheets.

First you’ll need to measure the comforter, then measure the sheets, making them 5 cm larger than the comforter and you’ll stitch them together, leaving an opening on one side for the comforter to be pulled in and two openings on the sides of the other end, so that you can put in your hands into it and grab the corners of the duvet to pull it inside.
You should better look at the step-by-step guide before you start.

The advantages of duvet

The reason duvet covers are becoming popular is its practical use. It can be quickly and easily taken out of its cover and laundered or simply aired out, while duvet covers are washed and dried. They can be made at home with old or new sheets and it is easy to make matching pillows for a nicely decorated bedding. They can be classy or modern, their fabric wrinkled or flat and you can experiment with pattern all you want to match it with the other objects in your bedroom: paintings, lamps, curtains, rugs, etc.

You can also have fun making duvet covers for your children’s beds, following their desires for popular patterns that resemble comic book scenes, popular cartoon characters, etc.

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