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Happy National Coffee Day! Diy Coffee Stuffed Pillows

September 29th! Happy Coffee day to all my lovely ladies out there. Coffee is our true saviour, isn’t it? I mean, if someone asks me, How would you like your coffee to be? My response is always: EXCESSIVE COFFEE πŸ˜‰ .. Thats how much I love it!

Lets do a DIY with pillows stuffed with coffee beans as a homage for this day!

Materials Needed:

-Handful of coffee beans

-Cushions covers

– Scissors

-Sewing Machine

As a first step, take out all the fluffy cotton from your regular pillows.

Then just take a handful of coffee beans and stuff it in the pillows instead.

Now start tucking in the coffee beans in the cushion covers and sew it nice & crisp!

It can turn out to be something amazing.

Happy Coffee day to all!

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