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Diy Chalkboards!

Chalkboards have a forever appeal. Well, holds true in my case 😉 … Even as a kid, I loved to write on my school chalkboards and draw shapes and designs. Always gave me an extra kick. But guess what, chalkboards can add a tremendous amount of interior beauty in your home! In just a few simple basic steps.

I took up this empty wooden plank which was lying around my house. Thought of putting it to some creative use & used a wire to hang it up somewhere. Had to use a drill machine to bore hole in the wooden plank. This little drill baby helped me out to do it!

So basically, the materials you will need are:

– 1 Drill machine

– Wooden plank

– Chalk board

– Wooden frames (color of your choice)

– Chalks

So here I unwrapped the chalkboard and made adjustments to be sure of exact fitting on the wall.

Used these chalkboards for the DIY. Yeah, they looked a little messy here because my little nephew played with this and drew rough sketches.. Pretty irresistable

Got this emplty wooden frame and alligned the chalkboard to make something like this!

I liked the red one more so did the DIY with it.. This one I have placed in my lounge and for the guest room, made something like this.

So whats say, are you ready to be chalked too?

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