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Blitz Your Bedroom Blues!

Your bedroom is the place where you are at your most vulnerable, while sleeping. As such, the bedroom should always be a tranquil and peaceful retreat, although, some allowance must always be made for romance and sensual excitement! Here are some wonderful ideas at to enable you to have the bedroom of your dreams and blitz those bedding blues forever with!

Step Back in Time

If you live alone and have no long term partnership brewing, you have the best chance of decorating your bedroom exactly how you like it! You can indulge yourself by going back into your past and decorating your room with pink and white frills, delicate flowers and birds or even, if you have a strong sense of whimsy, your favorite cartoon characters and, of course, sourcing bedding to match!

If you prefer to remember your teenage years you can put up framed posters in your bedroom – framed ones last so much better than the paper ones which tend to curl off the wall, fray and eventually tear! You can find a host of posters available in music stores and online and, with some luck, you should be able to find excellent pictures of the band you adored, while in high school! You could even, at long last, indulge your curiosity about what a bedroom is like when it is painted all black – all these years after your dad said ‘No way!’ Many of the great bands have merchandise available and you will be able to snuggle up with Jon Bon Jovi, the Rolling Stones or any other rock legend that claimed your heart in your teens!

Family Bedding to Suit All

Your husband or boyfriend may want to sleep under a Manchester United duvet, but there is no way you will let him. In turn, he refuses to countenance a pink and lilac floral confection that you have found – how do you meet in middle ground? Your best bet is to go for neutral or bright primary colours in plain fabrics, or at least, if you choose a pattern, choose one that is neither discernibly feminine nor masculine! If you have had to make such a compromise you can make it up by investing in continental pillows, a large bolster or a delightful array of small scatter cushions and soft toys to soften the look of the bed.

Children have possibly the best choice, being able to ask for exactly want they want without worrying about seeming childish (they are children!) too silly (a little bit of silly is a delight in a child) or just plain odd (our differences are what makes us all unique, and should be celebrated!) As far as you can, indulge their requests as this helps them to feel important and that their opinion matters within the family framework.

Going Spare about the Guest Room?

Think of the spare room as being something of a hotel room – it needs to provide for everything your guest needs without being too obviously your creation. A guest needs a neutral room that enables them to put their own stamp on it, without too much effort. Fresh and attractive bedding, plain walls and a comfortable bed are the order of the day here!

There is such a large array of beautiful bedding in all colors, textures and fabrics available on the market today that you should have no problem finding the perfect bedding for your bedroom, with just a little research and retail therapy! It will not take you long before you are enjoying the best bedroom ever!

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