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Beautiful Bedding Ideas

Getting your bedroom furnished is a very good step, but it does not complete the look of the room. What every bedroom needs is a couple of sets of beautiful bedding to add touches of comfort and elegance and a complete final polish.

Soft and gentle pastels:

Soft pastels are a nod to childhood, with soft gentle colours embracing the owner each night. Palest pink, baby blue, soft lilac and even gentle banana yellow all invite you to leave the worries and cares of the ‘grown-up’ world behind you as you sink into their soft warm comfort. Curtains can be matched to the bedding – duvets, pillow cases and sheets – or they can be a shade darker, the better to keep out the intrusive morning light.

Crisp and white and even…

In full blazing summer dazzling pure white bed linen can take the hot and sweaty edge off the day, with cool crisp cotton fabrics. Perfect for a wall which has the walls painted or papered with strong vibrant colour white bedding creates a wonderful ‘negative’ effect. Team white walls with white bedding and add in long, light, floating curtains to create a beautiful bower of innocence.

Primary needs

Bold bright blue, canary yellow and lively red form vibrant primary colours which look fantastic and cheerful, especially in children’s bedrooms. Plain white walls are enhanced by brilliantly coloured bedding, and children (and many adults too) adore having gorgeous colours on their beds. If the room has a colour theme, for example, blue then the blue bedding will complete the look, but the addition of the other two primary colours adds depth and interest to the room.

Spots and stripes and patterns oh my!

Stripes, spots and patterns help to break up the formal straight lines that can make a room look very formal and stiff. Wavy stripes undulating down the bed, a myriad spots and vibrant unusual patterns give a room a new texture and interest. Best done with plain white or coloured walls, you must be careful not to overdo the stripes, spots or pattern as this can make the room look dreadfully fussy and overblown.

Go au naturel!

Nature lovers can opt for a natural theme in their bedroom. Fabrics today come in a wealth of patterns and themes and it is possible to find animal print bedding, small and delicate or large and flamboyant floral prints and even bedding decorated with your favorite animal, be it a tiger or a bunny!

Final points

One thing that is often overlooked, yet adds so much depth to a bedroom is the texture of the fabric used for bedding. Yorkshirelinen store offers a fabulous range of bedding in a range of fabrics, styles and patterns. Using a higher quality fabric for bedding can make all the difference between an alright bedroom and a positively sumptuous one.

Where possible, try to use matching soft furnishings and bedding, as nothing completes a room more than having all the draperies in room follow a set. Carpets, curtains and bedding can all tone and complement each other, while pillows and throws should be contrasting to pick out certain colours and themes in the room. For carpets range, visit Scs store. Everyone can have a beautiful bedroom, and for most of us it starts with investing in some beautiful bedding.

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