A Few Tips To Beautify Your Living Room Area

We all want to live in a beautiful house with beautiful surroundings. A home is a place where you should feel most peaceful and happy. At the end of a tiring day, your home should not only be a visual treat but should provide you internal comfort your body yearns for. The very first room you come across when you enter your home is your living room, so whether you have a small one or a huge one, make sure it is calm, peaceful and welcoming. It is up to you how well you maintain your living room. Of course you need to do away with the extra furniture items that you do not need in your living room. More the furniture, smaller the space, hence it is better to store these furniture items by renting a reliable storage unit in London.

If you have a smaller living room, its décor and furnishing usually consists of at least one sofa and a few chairs along with a center table, rugs, a few decorative items and a sleek wall unit to give a stylish look. You should keep these few things in mind for a beautiful, stylish and cohesive living room space.

Firstly you need to pay close attention to how well the furniture is arranged. You need to think right from creating conversation spaces, to selecting the best sized rug and choosing the right wall color that matches well with window/door curtains.

Secondly choose the right colors. Lighter the furnishing, bigger is the view of your living space. Hence white or off white walls with light shades of curtains and rugs will add space to your living room.

Thirdly, place the accessories or artifacts such that it looks organized with the furniture items. A bright or a colorful piece of art placed at a corner or at the center table looks attractive and grabs the attention. A bright colored wall hanging/painting or a huge mirror with golden frame adds to the beauty. Just a few colorful home décor items placed perfectly can add charm to your living room area.

The next thing to keep in mind is the lighting. Lighting works as a light source for the living area but at the same time it is a home décor accessory. So choose lighting such that it serves both the purposes. A very bright light in living area may not be appealing to eyes; hence warm white goes best with light furnishing.

Lastly, make sure to choose the right size and perfect color of rugs. Wall-to-wall carpets are out of fashion, a decent sized rug under the center table covering more than half of the flooring looks great. Area rugs are preferred style of rugs these days as it covers the desired area and works as a modern floor cover too!


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