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5 Best DIY Tips to Keep Your Home in Good Shape

Homes are just like people because as they get older, they don’t look quite as good as they did when you first bought them. This is why maintenance is important. In the following article, we will look at five DIY tips that will help you to keep your home in good condition, helping to maintain its value and prevent any major problems later.

Check The Roof

One part of your home you should never take for granted is the roof. Particularly in the UK, where we have a considerable amount of wind and rain, along with the rarer ice and snow. All of these weather conditions can damage roofs. Therefore, every year at least once you take some time to examine the roof of your property for any damages. Keep an eye out for damages such as broken tiles and cracked slates. Pay close attention to any ridge tiles that may be missing or broken and remember to look at the chimney (if you have one).

Replace any loose, missing or cracked slates as quickly as you can because you want to avoid having a leaky roof. Also, check the grouting and replace if necessary too.

Check Your Gutters

While you are up checking the roof, you could look at your gutters too. Gutters, when clean, perform a very important function – redirecting rainwater away from your home’s base and prevent flooding. You should check these at least two or three times a year for any holes, cracks or blockages that may be causing poor drainage. Clean them and ensure that they are attached to the roof properly. They should slope towards the downpipe to give the rainwater a pathway to follow.

Check Your Home’s Heater

In the UK, there are a number of different types of heating systems used. They all have different maintenance checks. If you have an oil tank, for instance, you need to check the boiler, exposed pipework (if there is any) and the oil tank. For gas boilers, you need to check pipe and the boiler itself regularly.

It is recommended that you annually have them checked by a professional too. For this, I can recommend My Oxford Plumber.

Check Your Doors

Doors all require some form of maintenance from time to time. The good news is that much of this maintenance is quite easy to carry out and doesn’t take up a lot of your time. Visible gaps between the doors and door frames and many warping should be dealt with. It may be necessary to completely replace any doors that have serious issues.

Although this is more costly upfront, it will save you money in the long run when it comes to your utility bills and will help your home to stay warm. A sealant is one way to solve the smaller gaps. While you check the actual doors, look at the hinges and oil them if necessary. Pay attention to any locks and oil those too.

Check Your Windows

There are as many doors as there are windows in the average UK property and it is important that you check these too. Look out particularly for cracked pains and drafts. If you do find any, try to replace them as soon as you can. Also, look out for condensation if you own PVC windows. This is a sign that the windows may need to be replaced. Do not attempt to do this yourself, however, as PVC requires a specialist.

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