3 Health Benefits Of Professional Carpet Cleaning

Cleaning the carpets of your home will improve the overall appearance of each room, and regular cleaning can also help to extend the life of your carpet. As well as all of this, there is another important factor to consider when it comes to your carpets and making sure they are kept clean and well maintained. Professionally cleaned carpets from the Carpet Cleaning Caerphilly have the added benefit of helping to improve the health of the people living with these carpets on a daily basis.

If you or somebody in your home suffers with a condition that affects breathing, and this includes asthma and even snoring, it is important that carpets are vacuumed a minimum of 3 times a week. As well vacuuming, it is also a good idea to have them professionally cleaned once a year, at the very least.

There are three great reasons why keeping carpets properly cleaned and maintained can lead to a healthier home:

Eliminate trapped contaminants

There are several sources of air pollutants, within the home, that can become trapped within the fibres of a dirty carpet. These sources of air pollutants include pet hair, particle pollution, fleas and ticks, and of course just regular everyday dust and dirt.

With all of the pollutants and allergens inside your home, many of them will wind up trapped in the fibers of your floor coverings. The constant breathing in of these pollutants will irritate those who suffer from allergies. A carpet cleaning service can help to remove these dangerous particles from a home’s carpeting and, thus, from the indoor air. Walking across the carpet, and even simply vacuuming it, can release particles that cling to air particles and can be detrimental to health. We would recommend using a trusted and qualified company to clean your carpets, such as carpet cleaning Cardiff

The services of a professional carpet cleaner are able to eliminate bacteria that can thrive in these conditions, and this happens with the help of specially formulated shampoos.

Remove dust mites

House dust mites are found in all homes, whether we realise or want it, and yet most people are not even aware of it. One of the chief reasons that people are unaware is that dust mites and are microscopic, unable to be seen by the naked eye. Dust mites themselves are not an allergen, meaning they won’t aggravate a condition, but they do leave behind body fragments (yep) and also faeces.

These particles are also microscopic but they are also allergens that can be inhaled very easily when the area is disturbed. Because they are allergens they can aggravate existing conditions such as asthma and snoring.

Lots of professional cleaning services make use of something called steam cleaning. This exposes the carpet to high temperatures, high enough that dust mites simply cannot survive.

Prevent mold

Humid areas make unclean carpets susceptible of mold growth. Moisture seeps into carpet fibres, and moisture can be introduced to the home in any number of different ways including open windows, doors, bottoms of boots and shoes… A professional carpet cleaner has the tools necessary to eliminate moisture by simply pulling it right out of there and then using steam cleaning tools to kill the bacteria that may be left behind.

Window Cleaning

Cleaner windows will also improve the appearance of your home, like with carpets, windows can attract mould, so its best to hire a window cleaner in Cardiff to take care of regular window and gutter cleaning maintenance.

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